Fixed Income

Our backgrounds include extensive experience in the fixed income markets.  We have the ability to take advantage of market inefficiencies only expert, experienced professionals can identify and capitalize on.  These inefficiencies include the lack of transparency in pricing and a scarcity of widely-distributed information.  These opaque industry conventions result in a need for more detailed and professional due diligence which Granite, but very few other advisors, can provide.

The fixed income portion of a client’s portfolio is designed with a hold-to-maturity bias.  This gives clients staying power and avoids unnecessary expenses, particularly in a market that inherently has higher transaction costs.  Typically the portfolio is constructed using a laddered approach with various maturities, targeting a duration that best fits a client’s profile.

All fixed income investments and strategies are undertaken with tax efficiency in mind.  After-tax return is what matters most.  Those considerations are never overlooked when structuring our clients’ portfolios.