Our approach to equity investing is grounded in the basic principal that markets are mostly efficient and do not have the same inefficiencies frequently found in the fixed income markets.  As a result, broad market exposure is targeted.  Within the context of this broad diversification, portfolios are tilted towards specific dimensions of risk identified by academic research as likely to provide superior returns over the long term.

In order to capture what the entire market offers we incorporate domestic, international, and emerging market equities.  The strategy is not constrained by the rigidities of a typical indexing approach.  By using some flexibility in the construction and management of the portfolios, the benefits of both a more targeted exposure and lower costs can be realized.  This approach, combined with tax efficiency, low cost and low turnover help us provide clients with solutions that we believe are superior to both active management and indexing.

Our strategy is also grounded in the idea that the markets will provide all the returns necessary to achieve long term financial success, as long as they are approached in a consistent and disciplined manner.  We believe most investment frustration stems from a disorganized and emotional posture towards risk that compels people to follow the crowd and buy high, sell low, and miss the opportunities available.   We work hard with clients to avoid these pitfalls.